The Truth About Same-Day-Edits

by Jessica Baker

What is a Same-Day-Edit really like? The goal is to have a beautifully finished short film ready by the time the best man gives his speech, to play at the wedding reception.

Its bold. Its terrifying. IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

It starts with careful planning, and a co-ordinated team. Before the wedding day, once we know the couple’s wedding day schedule, we have a creative meeting to plan some of the camera positions. We also go location scouting with the photographer to plan moments that the bride and groom want to leave in our hands.

Sica Films location scouting

For example, with Sara and Rhett we found a great spot for their “first look” on a dock on the Saskatchewan River.

After each moment is recorded, the footage is delivered to our same day editor. While the rest of us spends the day with the twitterpated newlyweds, our wedditor Nadine spends the day headphones on, coffee by her side, fiercely piecing together all the best parts we had captured so far.

Nadine on-location same day editing.

There is a large amount of work going on behind the scenes to get a finished video by speeches deadline.

The result? A day that can other wise pass by in a blink has been slowed down. Our couple gets a few minutes to step back and take it all in. They also get to see how each other’s day started. And their guests and family get to see what the rest of the day was like.

The Same-Day Edit is so scary every time we start, but it’s so rewarding at the end of the day to create something so valuable for our couples. And our wedding motto still stands true every time: “Makin’ grown men cry since 2009.”

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